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“We have lived in the house since July/04 and it's been great!Our electric bill was $100 during the hottest part of the summer and averages $60 lately. We've had a few bad storms out here lately and have slept through a number of them. We live in a fortress that's also super energy efficient.”
     The Broussard Family, Lafayette, LA

“I’ve been dealing with Duro Span since 1998 and I’ve purchased 8 buildings for different uses: Machine Sheds, Hay Barn, Loafing Shed… I wouldn’t purchase a building from anyone else!”
     Greg McKenzie, Horse Creek Ranch, Wabaunsee, KS

“A clear span building is much more superior than a pole barn and less expensive…Thank you very much Duro Span for introducing me to the clear span building.”
     Howard Smith, Absecon, New Jersey

“I am the proud owner of a Duro Span A type Building. I put up my 40’ x 40’ Building in three days with the help of my family and some friends. I am very happy with my Building.”
      Simon Stevens, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

“North Fort Myers was hit by Hurricane Wilma… When it was all over, my house sustained $40,000 worth of damage and my Duro Span Steel Building $0. The building escaped totally undamaged. My neighbor saw that it was able to withstand the winds and bought a building for himself.”
      Adam Sytch, Hurricane Survivor North Fort Myers, FL

“I put my 30’ x 40’ building up myself with the help of some friends. The clear span construction is a real benefit. I really think this is the building of the future.”
      Sam Saylor, New Castle, DE

“I would like to let you know how much we enjoy the batting cage you sold us. We paid much less than other colleges have for their batting cages and the building is more durable, nicer looking and easier to maintain than others I have seen used for this purpose. Dealing with your company was also a pleasure. Your customer service was outstanding and any problems that arose were dealt with quickly and with an optimal outcome. I would recommend Duro Span and your buildings to anyone looking to erect a batting cage, or a building for any other use.”
      John Giordano, Athletic Director,
      Broward Community College Davie, FL




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