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Foundation Types

Constructing the foundation for your Duro Steel building depends on a number of factors, such as geographical location and intended application. The area should be level and clear of obstructions. Consult your dealer about the type of foundation you will need for your steel building.

Here are a few options.

Concrete Trough

This option uses a concrete trough design. Your steel building is placed into the trough. A concrete-grout mix is then used to fill in the trough. The grout can be finished to slope away from the steel at about a 20-degree angle to facilitate water drainage.

Baseplate & Floor

Duro Steel's foundation baseplates provide excellent stability for your steel building. This foundation type features a concrete floor for your steel building into which you would bolt either of Duro's baseplates. Some of our customers have successfully used angle iron in place of the baseplate. Whichever method you choose, please consult with your dealer and building department to ensure compliance with governing building codes and by-laws.

Baseplate & Pier Foundation

Baseplate and Pier FoundationBy installing concrete piers or screw piles in the ground, you can provide your foundation with enough strength and stability to carry your Duro Steel building.

A concrete grade beam or steel beams can then be installed or attached to the top of the piers or screw piles, onto which is bolted the Duro baseplate.

The building panels are then affixed to the baseplate.

Raised Concrete

Raised Concrete Option

This foundation allows you to gain additional sidewall height while maintaining maximum stability for your ,metal building. Your concrete wall should be no less than 10" wide, onto which you will attach a Duro Steel baseplate  The building panels are bolted to the baseplate. Customers who use this style of foundation often raise their steel buildings 2' to 6'.


Do it Yourself

Once you decide to purchase a Duro Steel building, and know which model will most satisfy your requirements, your next question is, "How difficult will it be to erect my steel building?" The answer: over 75% of Duro Steel customers erect their buildings themselves without the need for special tools and equipment or expensive labor. In fact, most Duro Steel buildings can be erected in as little as a few days.

Standard 2'W x 10'L panels are easy to handle and weigh an average of only 40lbs each. One size of bolt is used throughout construction, making assembly easy. Duro Steel buildings are shipped in the form of a “building kit,” with user-friendly assembly manuals included, backed up with a factory direct toll-free help.

Adding On Inside

You can easily add partitions to your Duro Steel Building. Easy on the outside, easier on the inside. All Duro Steel buildings feature clear span construction – eliminating the need for space-stealing trusses and posts. This guarantees maximum usable space, lowering overall project costs. This also ensures easy conventional insulation solutions. Builders constantly praise the easy access for electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning ducts, plumbing systems, drywall, false ceilings and partitions.

Endwall Options

For most ordinary applications, our factory component endwall will suffice. However, there are times when you may want to customize your endwall to suit your needs. When you need to match or complement existing structures or extend and customize your steel building, a wide range of endwall options – and our user-friendly endwall adapters – make it convenient to complete your project consistently and economically.

Building Permits

Should local by-laws require you to obtain a building permit before constructing your Duro Steel building, we can help provide the documentation you may need to get one. Our erection manual is detailed and often sufficient. However, if you need engineer’s schematics or blueprints, Duro Steel or your local dealer can provide them.



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